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Customized Business Plan

for a Business Loan or Investment

Do you have a great business idea but don't know where to start? If so, you will need a business plan. A business plan can catapult you towards your dreams of starting, running, and growing your own businessWe are devoted to writing business plans, this is our job. We have the time, the resources, and the education to write great business plans for our clients!

Our Goals for You

A business plan gives you a way to start your business and the understanding to make it successful. The value here isn't just merely monetary. A business plan is a road map that shows where you've been and plots the course for where you are going, and that is invaluable. Through the use of industry and market information, goals, objectives, and business analysis you can see where you are and where you need to go.

Our goals are:

To write a well-edited, engaging, appealing, and professional document that gets your audience interested and excited about your business.

To provide a professional, concise, and useful business plan that includes accurate industry research, competitor analysis, target market, and financial statements.

To help make your business a successful one by giving you the right tools with which to reach your goal.

Business Planning starts with a great business plan.

...but why can't I just do it myself?


Maybe you're saying to yourself, I'm a good writer, I can write a business plan. After all, there is a lot of business plan writing software out there. I can give it a go and I'll save some money while I'm at it!


This may be true. Maybe you can write it yourself, but consider this: do you have the time to do all the necessary research? Maybe you are a good writer, but how business savvy are you? What do you know about  your target market? Perhaps you do know a lot about business and have worked in your industry for years, you know all the ins and outs, but can you write professionally?


Here at Practical Business Planning we do one thing, and we do it well.


We will work on your business plan full time, so that you can dedicate your time to focusing on making the best food you can, on the functionality of that app, on embroidering those beautiful doilies, on pumping that iron, or on doing whatever it is that you do so well. 


Writing business plans is what we do. But a business plan is time-consuming. Why do we pay professionals to do our taxes, help us buy a house, manage our money, deal with our legal issues, diversify our investments, or work on our cars? Because we don't have the time to learn how to do it and then do it right, because we don't have the experience of having done hundreds of them, because we don't have the expertise that comes from having been educated in that field. We pay professionals for their time, their experience, and their expertise because time is money.

Starting a business is exciting.

In order for Business Plans to be viable they need to include:

  • Relevant information

  • Non-repetitive content

  • Applicable Financials

  • Strong Management Team

  • Attainable Goals and Objectives

Business Plan Pricing


The price for the business plan includes the business plan writing, industry and market research, and full financials. Contact us to learn more. 


The process is very simple:​​

  1. We'll set up a business call to discuss your business idea.

  2. We'll send you a questionnaire to learn about your business. 

  3. We begin writing your custom business plan.

  4. You review it. 

  5. We finalize it.

Contact me today and let's get you started on your dreams!

Thanks! Message sent.

Or skip the messages and book your call today!

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