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Ah, to be your own boss! This is the goal of millions of people all over the world. If you are here, this is probably your goal as well. You have a great idea, but now you have to explain that idea to lenders and investors so that they can see your vision and how that vision can become a reality. That’s where I come in! That is my job. My name is Kasia Olivares and I have been writing business plans for ten years. I am here to help you get the funding you need. I will do the industry research, market research, financial forecasting and bring it all together into a business plan that you can be proud of.

I studied Business Administration at California State University in Fullerton, CSUF, with a concentration in entrepreneurship, which started me on the road to helping business owners in my community. For three years, I worked one-on-one with business owners doing consulting reports and business plans in the community. In this program, I worked with a team of fellow students to create consulting reports to better assist entrepreneurs in improving their businesses. I loved it! It was a blast! I soon realized how good it felt to help new businesses get the help they needed. After college, I went on an adventure to Mexico. There I decided to put my passion to good use. I began freelancing because, like you, I wanted to work for myself. I have been working for myself these past ten years and it has been the best experience of my life!

You too can have this experience. Whether you are a new business start-up, growing your business, or you are still at the planning phase but need dedicated financing, a solid, well-researched, professionally written business plan can make all the difference in the world and add to your future success. I am focused on helping today’s entrepreneurs get the financing they need to start their business the right way and be more effective in their chosen industry. If you need a business plan, but don't speak English, hablo español y te puedo ayudar!


Together with my team, we can ensure you get the best, highest quality work. 

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