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Business Plan Review

You have already written your own business plan, you took the time to research your industry, market, customers, you even got the financials done. But you are not sure if it is up to the standards a lender or investors is looking for. What do you do? You get your business plan reviewed!

Our Goal for You

Our goal is to help you bring your business plan up to a professional level.

Writing a business plan is no small feat, so congratulations on your achievement!

If you want someone experienced in writing business plans to review yours, we can help.

This service is for you!

Contract Review

Why not just submit it as is?

Because you would be taking a risk. You have the finished product, but is it professional enough to be compelling to an investor or lender who reads business plans all the time? If you have done a thorough job of repeated revisions, you probably just need another set of eyes to look at it. This is where we come in. We will review the plan for you and give you feedback.

What is included and Price

What is included in this service is a full review of your business plan for a one-time payment of $250. We will read over your plan and give you suggestions on how to make it better. We will look for:

  • What is missing in your business plan.

  • How you can improve it including grammar, spelling, syntax, formatting, layout, and images.

  • The accuracy of the information.

Contact us and let's get that business plan to where it needs to be!

Thanks! Message sent.

Or skip the messages and book your call today!

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